Of interest: Windows Vista Compatibility Center launched

Not long ago I posted information on Bill Veghte’s letter with “An Update on the Windows Roadmap” with facts on Windows Vista, in which he noted that…

“Today Windows Vista supports about 77,000 components and devices, which is more than twice as many as we supported at launch… [and] 98 of the top 100 applications for Windows sold at retail in US in the last year… [and] Application Compatibility Updates for more than 125 popular PC games to enable them to work on Windows Vista. These updates are installed automatically using Windows Update.”

Wondering if your favorite stuff works with Windows Vista? Here’s where you can find out if it already does or if you just need a new driver. You’ll get the latest details on thousands of products and benefit from users’ feedback.

imageThe new Windows Vista Compatibility Center launched this week may answer your questions.

When it comes to moving to Windows Vista, we know that one of the most often asked questions stem around device and software compatibility.  Over the last year, we’ve seen significant improvements in Vista compatible device drivers and ISVs have helped to improve overall software application compatibility (aka “app compat”).  This new site (which is updated regularly) should help you get guidance on the compatibility status for thousands of devices and software applications.  We provide links to new drivers and software updates and upgrades.

We also provide links for your your feedback, if you want to suggest a product for consideration on the site, to report a compatibility issue that you’ve encountered, or comments you have on the site itself.  More on how this works later.

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