Something new from Dell at D6: a tiny mobile PC

Will Red be the colour for back to school for the 2009 school year?  If my kids see this new PC, I expect we will be pressed to contribute towards the country’s economic recovery.

This from the Dell blog: a new, tiny (and I’ll assume a low cost) mobile PC, as reported on Gizmodo…

“Hats off to Brian Lam of Gizmodo as he seems to have caught Michael roaming the halls between sessions and saw he was carrying something our Ideastorm contributors will recognize. Michael positioned it as the perfect device for the next billion internet users.  While we can’t share any details, we can share these (click on them to see a larger version):

Inspiron mini

Inspiron mini (open)

Stay tuned for details.

As Betanews reported, this is the result of comments on the Dell IdeaStorm blog (with some requests for the Dell mini) where “the Dell Community has contributed 9,092 ideas, promoted 625,964 times and 68,464 comments” (something to learn from Dell’s approach)…

“… if Dell’s system were to be Atom-based, it might be less likely to carry the word “Inspiron” in its brand name. Thus one could more readily infer that this is the latest permutation of Dell’s UMPC, based on ideas it’s actually had for a few years now, coupled with some suggestions it actually sought from the general public through one of the company’s forums two months ago.”

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