Daylight Saving Time ends soon across Australia… and they have their own mascot for the change

It’s fitting: Japan has Doraemon for anime and Microsoft Oz has a whimsical cartoon character to help citizens prepare for the upcoming end to daylight saving time in Australia. 


Another example of listening and responding to customers…

imageNo sooner had the Japanese selected Doraemon as the official anime ambassador that the folks at Microsoft in Oz brought out a cartoon character to help usher customers through the system updates for daylight saving time changes in Australia.  Visit the Microsoft Australian home page for daylight saving time for more information…

This year New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia are extending Daylight Saving. Daylight Saving will end 1 week later, on Sunday 6th April and recommence 3 weeks earlier on Sunday 5th October.

Your Microsoft Windows PCs, servers and mobile devices will need to be updated so that they automatically adjust their internal clocks on the new Daylight Saving start and end dates. You may also need to adjust some appointments in your Microsoft Office Outlook calendar.

But does this new character have a name?  My money’s on “Iain the IT Pro”. 😉

This site was launched in response to the customer requests in Australia to help make sense of the changes last year to daylight saving time that affect customers around the world.  At corporate, we launched a DST and Time Zone informational website ( in case the hyperlink fails) providing links to key documents and articles on updates and changes for Microsoft products.

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