Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Now Available on Xbox Live for Free

Just as I (finally!) near the point of completing Halo 3 on Heroic, I learn that the add-on Heroic map set is available for free.  (Full disclosure: my nine-year-old has already whooped me by completing the last level in Halo 3 at the highest level… and he was able to master the nuances of the game far faster than dear old dad. 😉

Yesterday, the downloadable maps were made available for free, giving players new battle zones on Halo 3.  The Heroic map pack is available through Xbox Live Marketplace.  An overview of the map pack is available here.

More info is noted in various news articles online including this coverage on Ars Technica

For those people who forget what three maps were included, here’s a quick run down: 

Standoff. Standoff is a big-ish symmetrical map—great for Team Slayer, excellent for Objective games and big enough for a couple of vehicles.

Rat’s Nest. Rat’s Nest is a massive level set in the corridors and tunnels of a Human Base near Kilimanjaro… it’s a giant Oval, kind of like an underground NASCAR track, with lots of vehicles …

Foundry. Foundry is a unique map designed from the outset to be the most customizable Halo 3 Forge map ever created. It’s a large Warehouse….

The next map pack bundle, the Legendary Map Pack, should be available in mid April, likely for 800 Microsoft points.

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