It’s official: Vista SP1 to be available tomorrow (Tuesday, March 18)

Thanks to a confirmation on Computerworld, Gregg Keizer writes that the release of Windows Vista SP1 will be out tomorrow

“In an e-mail meant to clarify when could begin shipping retail copies of Vista SP1, a company spokeswoman noted that Vista users could get the update on March 18.

“When looking at Amazon’s site, you will see separate listings — one for pre-orders of Windows Vista with SP1 integrated, and the current version of Windows Vista, which does not include SP1, and can be purchased now and easily updated with SP1 online beginning March 18,” the e-mailed statement read…

“If Microsoft holds to plan, Vista users will see SP1 in Windows Update tomorrow as an optional download, but only if their PCs do not harbor one of the balky drivers. Alternately, users will be able to download a much larger stand-alone installer from Microsoft’s download site, also beginning Tuesday.”

Visit Windows Update, or make sure Automatic Update (AU) is turned on once it goes live to AU.  [added 3/18] And watch for the announcement of availability via WU. 

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4 replies on “It’s official: Vista SP1 to be available tomorrow (Tuesday, March 18)”

Hi, Diva –

Ouch 😉 and point noted on the comment re availability.

I do think that blogs can be authoritative, as in the case of team blogs (such as those by the Vista, Exchange and IE teams), and agree on your ranking of levels of authority.  

In this post, I looked at the question and Greg Keizer’s report of how Amazon was responding to the availability of SP1.  It had not been clear on SP1’s availability on the Amazon site… and to be fair, and IMHO, it hasn’t been clear on our official sites either.  To be more clear, I’ve added a statement that users can also follow the for the announcement of availability of the update via WU.

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