Llamas and other helpful options for Valentine’s Day

Admit it: you don’t have a gift for that special someone tomorrow. (Hello… it’s Valentine’s Day.  My gift for my wife was rescuing her from an awkward spot late today, with apologies to attendees at TechReady.) 

My old friend, Ben Calica, is working with a company that is doing a cool little something for Valentines Day. 

Rather than the standard buy consumer goods, the company has set up a pathway to let people do something good in the name/spirit of their sweetie. 

For example, rather than give a stuffed animal, give a needy family a Llama through

Polka has a way to really treat your sweethearts to something memorable. Welcome to Random Acts of Love — the latest Polka initiative.

This year why not send your sweetie a special Polka-gram with a wonderful gift straight from the heart. Instead of that bouquet and candy box, why not plant some bulbs and buy a box of fair trade chocolates? That overpriced dinner? How about donating to your honey’s favorite charity and buy dinner for those less fortunate?

With our Random Acts of Love initiative, you can demonstrate your love in a unique, thoughtful way by substituting those tired Valentine gifts for something that will make a positive impact. There are lots of great choices and opportunities. We’re sure your Valentine will always remember this gift that can change lives around the world or make a difference right in your own home.

Sending a Valentine’s Polka-gram is free and it’s ok to send more than one!

All Random Acts of Love Polka-grams will be sent on February 14. Cruise on over to the Random Acts of Love and share the love:

Ben assures me that there is nothing nefarious here (he said as much ;).  Names will not be used for any ill gotten gain, they are just trying to be a conduit for getting some good done in the world.  (Caveat emptor.)  The company, has done some random acts of kindness a couple of times before, helping a family after the San Diego wildfires and adopting families in over the holidays, and they are building it into who they are as a company.

Find out more about it at