Microsoft’s Danger-ous purchase

In the news today, one dangerous acquisition was approved: Microsoft is buying Danger

Robbie Bach announced the news in his keynote at Mobile World Congress 2008 in Spain. Full news release is included here on MSN Money Central

Taking steps to place its technologies in the hands of an expanding mobile consumer audience, Microsoft Corp. today announced the acquisition of Danger Inc., the company responsible for software and services powering popular consumer handsets. Microsoft also announced that several additional cutting-edge mobility companies worldwide will adopt and deploy Microsoft’s software and services.

With the acquisition of Danger, Microsoft will benefit from the company’s nearly 10 years of expertise with mobile consumers. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company provides services that allow people to keep in touch, stay organized and keep informed while on the go through real-time mobile messaging, social networking services, Web browsing and personal information management applications. Combining these services with Microsoft’s connected entertainment and mobile technologies will provide Microsoft with the tools to accelerate its work to create industry-leading entertainment and communication experiences for consumers.

Of note, Danger co-founder Joe Britt is ex WebTV and 3DO (I’m a proud alum), and along with Matt Hershenson are both ex Catapult (think Xbox Live over POTS, circa 1995).  I think that I still have Matt’s business card somewhere… ; )

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