MSN Tech & Gadgets’ CES 2008 Innovation Award Winners

As a kickoff to CES, check out the slide show on MSN Tech & Gadgets as they cover CES Innovations 2008 Awards Honorees

“The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics (CE) products in the industry’s hottest product categories.”

imageIf you have an extra US$25,000 burning a hole in your pocket, the new ITC One System from SE2 Labs should fit the bill and leave you with $5 in change.  The ITC (Integrated Theater Console) is, as SE2 notes, “the world’s first personalized, compact, all-in-one, plug-and-play home entertainment system” complete with an integrated Xbox 360, HD PVR, a full AMX system control system, advanced digital surround sound, front touch screen, external docks and more.  All this in one sleek, compact box less than 18 inches wide and two feet tall (roughly 17 1/2″ x 22″ x 24″ wdh). 

But a favourite innovation on this system is found on the rear panel: the illuminated LED task lighting allows you to get a clear look at the connectors that are logically laid out with one side for inputs and the other side for outputs.

OWLink Technology HD Digital Light Link (© 2007 OWLink Technology, Inc.)And the $600, OWLink HD Digital Light Link, Model: FO2850 (as noted here)
allows transmission of high-definition digital video, audio, and control signals over a tiny fiber optic cable up to 300M away from the source with no compression.

“By using an external A/V switch, one set of source devices can be accessed by multiple displays located in various places throughout the home. Each display can access a separate video and audio source, making it possible, for example, to watch a sports event while listening to your music.”

SlingCatcher™ © 2005-2007 Sling MediaSure to be popular is the new offering from Sling Media, which announced the SlingCatcher a “reverse Slingbox that distributes web and PC digital media experience,” coupled with the SlingPlayer to view your TV on another TV…

“While the current Slingbox enables consumers to placeshift their favorite TV programming to a PC, Mac or mobile phone, one of the most requested features from the Sling Community has been to provide the ability to sling that same programming to another TV located in the home or to a TV in a remote location. The SlingPlayer for TV application built into the SlingCatcher delivers an easy, familiar way for customers to move TV content around the home or access content from the home remotely via a TV, without the need for a PC or Mac in the process.

This will be helpful for watching the DVR or HD-DVD in the living room on every TV in the home.  And for less than $200, this should be a popular addition to the Sling family.

More info: MSN blogs on CES 2008…

… and in general, this slide show on BusinessWeek, Gadgets to watch in ’08, as Arik Hesseldahl says that “this year promises to be an exciting one for the gadget geek in all of us.”

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