Cybercrime: Mercury News on Ghosts in the Browser: Protecting yourself online

It’s a busy time if year for shopping, traveling, spoofing and hacking. Do you know where your credit card number is right now?  And I trust that your ATM card is safely tucked away (PIN secure) and hasn’t been duplicated by an unsavory individual intent on depleting your bank account via a corner store ATM in a far off land.

Check out Ryan Blitstein’s special report in the Mercury News on how thieves are using computers and the Internet to commit cybercrimes.

Part I: How online crooks put us all at risk
A group of high-tech entrepreneurs has turned the Internet into a tool for massive fraud.

Part II: How well are we protecting ourselves?
Businesses, governments, and citizens fail to take precautions, allowing cybercrooks to thrive.

Part III: U.S. targets terrorists as online thieves run amok
The U.S. government isn’t devoting the resources needed to combat Internet crime. 

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