What I’ve read: Catching up with more posts from the reading pile

Fall is here, New Zealand “Sprang Forward” and much of North America is close to a new “Fall Back” on November 4th. As we near Hallowe’en, are you curious to know what do candy, Microsoft products and Congress have in common?

Well, while you’re catching up on the week’s really important news, here are a few articles from the reading file for you. As noted these are all (for the most part) available for download, making it easy to read the files off-line.

Have a good weekend.

Featured Download: Automatically download new TV shows over BitTorrent with ted – Lifehackersaved by 218 other people

Book Recommendation: Debunking The Myths of Innovation – Lifehacker – “If you’re still waiting for your Eureka! moment to hit you on the head (like Newton’s mythical apple when he “discovered” gravity), this is the book for you. One by one, Berkun unravels and explains the complex cultural and political forces and history… saved by 24 other people

The TechNet Australia Blog: Parody of Microsoft Surface

Bit-cycling : New Look – “Those of you who read this blog in an RSS reader may not have noticed, but this blog underwent some cosmetic surgery recently. I used some instructions I found on Guy Burstein’s blog, but some some modifications.”

Pulitzer-Winner on Living with Asperger’s (NPR) – All Things Considered, August 13, 2007 · Tim Page, a Pulitzer Prize-winning music critic, describes living with Asperger’s syndrome in his article “Parallel Play” in the Aug. 20 edition of The New Yorker… saved by 9 other people

Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance (Codeplex) – With the advanced concepts behind us it is time for us to discuss our guidance for branching structures which are optimized for large teams. With the release of Visual Studio “Orcas,” Microsoft’s Developer Division went to a feature crew model.

Health: Eight foods you should eat every day – Lifehacker – Web site Best Life suggests eight foods that you should eat every day to ensure you’ve hit all your nutritional bases. In short, the list looks like this: spinach, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, black beans, walnuts, and oats… saved by 38 other people

Featured Windows Download: Consolidate Your Data With the Easy Duplicate Finder – Lifehacker – Windows only: System utility Easy Duplicate Finder scans drives and folders for identical files and lets you delete or move them off your PC. Unlike previously mentioned WinMerge, Easy Duplicate Finder can scan more than one folder or your entire hard drive… saved by 201 other people

Public Speaking: Perfect Your Presentations – Lifehacker – Productivity guy Merlin Mann gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he put together the Inbox Zero presentation he gave at Google a few weeks back (video included above to jog your memory, and here are the slides.) MM’s a fan… saved by 65 other people

Virtual PC: Speed up Windows XP in Virtual PC 2007 – Lifehacker – 082407 – Users running Windows XP in Virtual PC 2007 can speed up the virtualized operating system. Tech blogger Dan Maharry drafted a six-page PDF document full of tweaks and customizations you can do to Virtual PC and Windows XP to make the installation… saved by 22 other people

Logitech Harmony 1000 – Review by PC Magazine – The Logitech Harmony 1000 is one slick, touch-screen remote. It’s got a big, beautiful, color LCD, a nice brushed-metal top with several hard buttons, and it’s easy to program. Can you imagine using it in your living room?’s hands-on review.

Google Apps in the Enterprise: A Promotion-Enhancing or Career-Limiting Move for Enterprise Architects? (Burton Group) – Redmond report says that “According to the report, Google Apps can be useful in a “limited set of circumstances” but — as a “lite” collaboration application — startups and/or other smaller businesses should use it only for rather basic office …

Reviews of Five HDTVs with Great SD Picture (PC Magazine) – By Robert Heron, Aug 23, 2007. “Sure, HDTVs offer incredibly sharp video quality, but when it comes to standard definition content many sets stumble. In fact, SD video often looks worse on and HDTV than a plain-old TV. However, if you choose your HDTV car… saved by 13 other people

Our Favorite New PC Desktops (Review by PC Magazine) – 08.20.07 Pump up your computing one of these desktops, all of which have earned our coveted Editors’ Choice nod. By Lisa Ruefenacht… saved by 1 other person .

Music Piracy Costs U.S. Economy $12.5 Billion, Report Reveals (informationweek) – August 22, 2007. K.C. Jones at InformationWeek reports that global music piracy costs the United States about $12.5 billion in economic output and more than 71,000 jobs annually, according to a study by the Institute for Policy Innovation.

Apple Polishes Spreadsheets With Numbers – Lifehacker – Macworld says that iWork ’08’s Numbers changes the spreadsheet paradigm. Mac guy Merlin Mann says Numbers is like the Excel librarian who ditches her horn-rims, opens a button and shakes her hair… saved by 20 other people ..

Access Your Bookmarks with LocalDeli – Lifehacker – Freeware, Windows only: Freeware application LocalDeli provides lightning fast access to your bookmarks through a simple search interface. After you log in and update your bookmarks, you can search your bookmarks by tags, description or… saved by 46 other people

Digital Music: Stream Music On Demand with Deezer – Lifehacker – Streaming online radio service Deezer is like Pandora on steroids. Search for songs, create playlists, randomly stream songs or listen to the top 10 in the US and UK. Though Deezer will not have every song you search for, it does have a very large… saved by 40 other people

So what are the microstock sites looking for? (Joe Calev’s WebLog) – Joe covered the different microstock sites and his opinions of them, and why not to use Shutterstock. 🙂 He briefly cover what the microstock sites are looking for to provide guidance for those wondering whether their photos will be accepted and sell.

Microsoft Plays Catch-Up In Server Virtualization (CMP Channel) – By Kevin McLaughlin, 4:40 PM EDT Wed. Aug. 22, 2007. Microsoft arrived late to the virtualization market and still has holes in its product portfolio. As it fights for market share, partners say Microsoft’s traditional strategy of pricing competitors out… saved by 1 other person


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