Thanks for the (Webcast) memories… on daylight saving time and time zones

DST Webcast presenters Sophia, Beth, Will and RichThis morning we reprised our daylight saving time webcasts with a Webcast on (wait for it) “Preparing for Daylight Saving Time.” 

We presented an overview of information on Microsoft products and resources available to help businesses and individuals prepare for the coming changes this fall in North America and around the world to daylight saving time and time zone changes.  The Webcast will be available for online viewing in the next couple of days.

I would like to thank the many attendees we had today and to everyone from Microsoft on their participation in the LiveMeeting today.  Thanks to my co-presenters, Rich, Will, Elizabeth and Sophia (as pictured here – I was behind the camera phone), and shout out to Steve, Joel, Ronna, Jim, Sue, Shannon, Tim, Alon, Keith and the many people who assisted on our tech chat.

We have a technical web chat coming up on September 24th – watch the Webcast page for more details.

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