Links: Navy’s Blue Angels flying over Seattle for Seafair

My wife and I took our boys to see the US Navy’s Blue Angels fly over Lake Washington this afternoon as they do every year during Seafair. (Here’s a link to a video of their flights during Seafair last year.)

It looked like the weather was going to be too cloudy this morning and impact the possibility of a good show, but by noon it had cleared up, and was truly spectacular.

From our local Channel 7…

iWitness Slideshow: Special Morning Marked By Blue Angels Arrival

The Blue Angels made another spectacular entrance as they arrived at Boeing Field for Seafair 2007. Reporter Michelle Millman was there for the story. More Details
RAW VIDEO: Blue Angels Land In Seattle
VIDEO: Blue Angels Arrive In Style
VIDEO: Amy Clancy Rides In F/A-18 Hornet
VIDEO BACKSTORY: Amy Clancy’s Blue Angels Experience
VIDEO: Navy Fleet Arrives For Seafair

blueangelsAdded 080507: The Blue Angels flew over the house several times today during their Seafair air show.

Very cool.

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