My Xbox 360 is on the way to the repair facility


Our Xbox 360 is on the way to the repair facility.

As noted previously, we have an Xbox that displayed the dreaded red flashing lights on the Ring of Light on Friday the 13th.  

Last Thursday, four days after placing my call to customer service, a box arrived on our doorstep, complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions, packing materials, a pre-paid UPS label and a piece of tape.

That’s right: a strip of pressure-sensitive packaging tape was included. This was one easy procedure.

It should be as I won’t see the system for up to six weeks.

I sympathize for people that have a single unit and are sending their only system in for repair.

Personally, I’d like to see…

  1. a tracking site so I can track the status of my repair, even if to know that it’s been received and is being processed*,
  2. where possible, the Xbox group to provide advance replacement units, as many mobile phone carriers do (including mine) for under warranty service, and
  3. some sort of recognition, perhaps in the form of a free game, download or points.

In this case, to paraphrase the late-night commercial… I’m not just a company employee… I’m also a client.

As with all consumer electronics, if you purchase a new product and find that it is bad out of the box, you should return it to the retailer for a direct exchange.

* Update 7:30AM PDT, 072607: There is an on-line tracking service, tied to your Windows Live ID… go to Registration, Warranty and Repair Service for Devices page for more details.

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I just shipped mine off earlier this week and the tech support person said I would receive one free month of XBOX Live Gold. It’s not much, but it is something.

My first one scratched disks. No problem, Best Buy replaced the unit and replaced the scratched disk. Second unit scratched disk (always setting Horizontal). The screen started freezing during games. Decided to cash in my Best Buy Product Replacement Plan, so essentially they took it back but kept $100. Decided to try a PS3. Its OK, but boy do I miss my 360. I’ll probably hold off buying another until after the holidays. Maybe they will have all the kinks worked out.

I have been throught this return process twice for my 360’s.  In both cases, I receieved the box in 3 days, and I sent right away.  The units were back in my hands in less than 2 weeks in both cases.  On the recent return, I also received a free month of Live service for my trouble.

Thanks for all the comments. I’ll post updates on my blog and see what is offered to me as a customer, too. I think that the wait is a little longer now due to the recent warranty extension announcement. It’s good to hear that the Xbox team is proactively offering a free month of service on Xbox Live.

I sent mine off Friday 13th also, still no xbox 2nd August, been told id also recieve a months sub. this length of wait is a real pain

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