ABC News reports on the dark side of customer service

An interesting article on ABC News’ website, Call Center Confessions, in which customer service agents discuss the ups and downs of providing Customer Service, “from death threats to fetish callers.”

“The angry customers who cursed at her were bad enough, and the fetish perverts who called late at night to ask what type of shoes she was wearing freaked her out.

“But the death threats really sent Tina Parcell over the edge.

“Parcell was working as a customer service representative for MCI when an irate customer “threatened to slit my throat if I didn’t get his name off the do-not-call list.”

“After she hung up on him, Parcell realized that the caller had her first name, last name and location, and that he only lived an hour away from her. She immediately told her manager, took a break to compose herself and warned her family members.”

Eek. And I thought the emails and posts I get were tough.

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