Of interest: Project Kesho brings teachers to East Africa

First off, enjoy what some are saying is the luckiest day of the year

Project Kesho is a non-profit organization founded by our son’s elementary school teacher, Cathi, and her husband, Ian. It’s “dedicated to improving the tomorrows of East African communities through the education of today’s children.” This group of young adults is spending time on the ground in Iringa, Tanzania, East Africa this summer to help improve access to quality education and improve the lives of children halfway around the world from sunny Washington. This summer, they are joined in Africa by anothegr teacher from our son’s school, Amie.

I’m cleaning the garage this weekend while our kids slip and slide after a week at the beach, and these young teachers are spending the summer doing some real good.

The group has set up a blog to provide updates on their activities in the region, at…

“Project Kesho is focusing its programming efforts during 2007 on one small community located in Iringa, Tanzania. Iringa is located in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. It is the political, economic, and cultural hub of this region of Tanzania. The town is located along the Tanzam Highway, which stretches from the capital city of Dar es Salaam, along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and all the way through Tanzania to the country of Zambia. (This highway eventually continues all the way to South Africa.)”

Live EarthSo, take a look at the good work Project Kesho is doing when you take a break from the vide feeds from Live Earth…

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Thank you for the support M3.  We have been very lucky to have so many people thinking of us and supporting our efforts, as well as sharing them with others.  Our summer work has been hugely successful and we are looking forward to the possibilities for the coming year.  We are lucky to have the chance to work with enthusiastic people who have great aspirations for their community and the future of their children in East Africa.  Enjoy our blog!


Cathi Barnes

Project Kesho Chairman

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