Download: Spiceworks IT Desktop really works (but not on Vista)

This is a very cool and free utility, Spiceworks IT Desktop, which PC Magazine calls in a recent article one of their favourite free small business tools. If you have a number of IP devices in your home, this is also a good tool for creating catalogue of what’s on the network.

Spiceworks IT DesktopDid I mention it’s free? If you don’t mind the display ads, it’s a good choice.

Did I mention that it works on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server… but not Vista.

“You want IT management software that works for you, not software that makes you work. You wish you could have it… without spending a fortune. Your wish is granted.

“Introducing the free Spiceworks IT Desktop. Designed, tested and used by 60,000 IT pros in 180 countries. Spiceworks has the everyday IT features you need:

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M3, thanks for the post!  Just one clarification, on June 25 (just a couple of days after your post) we released Spiceworks 1.6 which now runs on VIsta.

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