TechNet article: Mark Russinovich on Windows Vista User Account Control

I’ve received several mails asking for more info on User Account Control (UAC) since my last blog entry on Windows Vista UAC.

Mark Russinovich from our group has a new article on TechNet, “Inside Windows Vista User Account Control” from the June 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine. Mark explains in depth the architecture UAC, how its used and the benefits to users and administrators…

“Running as standard user has numerous benefits, including helping to protect systems from accidental or deliberate damage and protecting the data and integrity of users sharing a system from unauthorized access. UAC’s various changes and technologies will result in a major shift in the Windows usage model. With Windows Vista, Windows users can for the first time perform most daily tasks and run most software using standard user rights, and many corporations can now deploy standard user accounts.”

I learned more about UAC in this one session than I have to date in my work with Vista, particularly in explaining how UAC provides easy access to administrative rights. Certainly worth the time to read and reference. 

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