Your questions: How do I get a Vista installation DVD if I purchased a Windows Anytime Upgrade?

Given Lance Ulanoff’s editorial this week (in the June 26th PC Magazine – I will include a link when I find it online) and a customer email who asked last week…

“How do I get an installation discs if I purchased a Windows Vista upgrade via Windows Anytime Upgrade if I have a problem with the install, or want to purchase a back-up DVD?”

We do have a process at Microsoft for getting installation discs to customers who purchase a Vista upgrade via Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU). Thanks to Lynn and Mike on the CSS team for sending the info so quickly:

If you place an order through the Windows Anytime Upgrade site (WAU) and would like a disc sent as well, you can either make that request during the initial purchase, or you can follow the steps below after you purchase:

1. Visit the Windows Anytime Upgrade FAQ page and expand question #6 and click on the “Click here to order disc”

WAU screen 1

2. You will then see the Selection/Shipping/Billing page and may fill this out as appropriate to process your order.

WAU screen 2

Customers may also contact the Windows Anytime Upgrade Team with any follow-up questions through the following channels:

Phone (USA): 1-877-666-2296


2 replies on “Your questions: How do I get a Vista installation DVD if I purchased a Windows Anytime Upgrade?”

I purchased a Windows Vista upgrade on-line on xxxxxx order#xxxxxxxx after installation was complete my lap-top did not function properly could not rectify the problem returned the lap-top back to [retailer] and exchanged it for a different lap-top with the Vista Premium already installed. how do I go about getting credit for my purchase?

Thanks for your post, Jose. You should be contacted soon by the order processing folks and our customer service team to obtain a refund. Hope this helps!

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