Customer Satisfaction Breakdown: JetBlue’s David Neeleman is out

I read today on that jetblue’s founder is stepping down as CEO.

“David Neeleman, founder of embattled low-cost airline JetBlue, is being replaced as CEO, company directors announced Thursday.”

Sad, as Neeleman has been a poster child for great customer servcie and attention: he flew his own airline regularly to get a sense of the service. That was until the massive issues in February, when jetblue took the brunt of a major snowstorm: thousands of jetblue customers suffered while stranded during a major snowstorm that hit the northeastern states. jetblue took out ads in order to apologize to their customers, put out a heart-felt video on YouTube (plus this collection of clips on YouTube) and even penned a customer bill of rights to address the issue. (jetblue’s Bill Of Rights in pdf)

Wired saw this coming when they dropped jetblue off the Wired 40 earlier this year. But I still enjoy the approach with comfortable seats, sat TV and great service… when the weather cooperates.