CNET on the challenges of trial and bundled software on a new PC

Of interest: CNET’s Ina Fried on the impact of trial and bundled third-party software on your PC in this article on MSN Tech & Gadgets…

PC makers walk fine line with 'crapware' (© Push Pictures/Corbis)Down with ‘crapware’ Despite some outcry from consumers, there’s still plenty of free software loaded onto new retail PCs. While adding software, setting default search engines and including toolbars can all put money in PC makers’ pockets, the practice has also alienated some consumers who say all such “crapware” is clogging their hard drives and bogging down their systems.

“Despite some outcry from consumers, there’s still plenty of software being loaded on new machines. In part, that’s because the PC industry needs the cash that such deals offer. Even if the companies get less than $1 per software program that they include on a PC, that can still add up to $10 or $20 in revenue.

“On a $400 PC, that’s a big thing to get,” said Stephen Baker, an analyst at The NPD Group.