Quick note for consumers on security: turn on Automatic Updates

What’s all this talk about animated cursors and exploits on Windows?

Some times, email attachments and web sites aren’t what they appear to be on face value.

You might’ve seen a security announcement or press coverage on a new security patch that addresses a vulnerability associated with .ani files, which are associated with web site and animation attachments. (See the full technical bulletin here.) 

Christopher Budd’s post and Mike Reavey’s (both from the MSRC team) post more info on MS07-017 on the MSRC Technet blog.

In short, if you’re a consumer or small business and you manage your updates via Microsoft Automatic Updates (aka “AU”) the update will be automatically installed. And if you’re a sysadmin or IT Professional, we encourage you to test and deploy this update via WSUS and SMS.

Visit the Microsoft Security at Home web site for more on protecting your computer.

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