64-bit Vista in the Ultimate package: Q&A with Jim Allchin (Seattle Times)

The Seattle Times has this interview with our own Jim Allchin taking reader questions on Windows Vista. Of particular interest to me was one area dear to my heart, the support we have in Vista for 64-bit processors:

Q: I just bought a new notebook computer with a 64 bit processor.  I am eligible for the Express Upgrade to Vista.  I have heard that the full retail versions of Vista will contain both 64 and 32 bit versions in the same package.  Will this be the same for those of us who bought our computers before the full release?  If not, please explain why.  Thank you.
— Cheryl King, Edmonds

J.A.: If you bought a PC with a 32 bit OS installed (Windows XP home, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP media center edition) that is eligible for the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista, then your computer manufacturer should send the corresponding 32-bit version for Windows Vista.  If you bought a PC with a 64 bit OS installed (Windows XP professions 64 bit edition) than you qualify for an upgrade to 64-bit version of Windows Vista Business.  If you purchased a 32 bit OS on your new notebook and you would like to move to a 64 bit OS for Windows Vista please contact your computer manufacturer for fulfillment options.

If you buy the retail version of Windows Vista, then you are licensed to use either the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version. That said, we only include the 32-bit software in the package— unless you buy the Windows Vista Ultimate (which includes both versions). If you purchase the retail product and you want the 64-bit versions, then you can contact Microsoft and we will send you a disk.

Details on getting the 64-bit version for all packages under Ultimate should be included in the package.

Jim also referenced the new Windows Vista Family Discount offer, which makes it easier for households with multiple PCs to upgrade to Windows Vista. This limited-time offer is for customers who purchase retail copies of Windows Vista Ultimate between January 30 and June 30, 2007, where customers in the U.S. and Canada can obtain two additional copies of Windows Vista Home Premium in their home for US$49.99 each. See for more details.

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Hmm, when someone makes an error of misspelling “disc” while writing a transcription, it makes me worry.

You are partially wrong, Windows Vista 64-bit edition needs to be installed from a fresh format due to the system file encryption it uses.  There will be no "upgrading" anything to Vista 64-bit.

And all versions of Vista ship on the same dvd, what version you install depends on what validation code you enter.

Disk or Disc can be spelt either way both are correct and labled in the English Dictionary


As noted, for Retail License Final/Full Packaged Product (FPP) the 64-bit version is included in Windows Vista Ultimate.

And yes, in my experience, it’s best to do a fresh full install on 64-bit.

And as for HD/ HDD and hard disk/ hard disc, I’ve seen the abbreviation and term spelled both ways.

Actually you "can" upgrade windows xp 64-bit to windows vista 64-bit without having to format the drive…  

Also, windows vista 64-bit is "only" included with the windows vista ultimate edition…  (2) seperate dvd’s are in the retail package… (32-bit dvd and a 64-bit dvd)…  Just read on the retail package and it explains this in detail…  All others contain onlt the 32-bit version but you can get the 64-bit dvd or mutliple cd’s by contacting microsoft after your initial purchase…

When you buy OEM packages you can purchase either the 32 bit or the 64 bit for any version.

Who gives a toss how you spell disk (disc), you should get out more Rosyna!

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