Your questions: “What about Mac Office, Entourage and Daylight Saving Time?”

Great to hear from an old friend in Silicon Valley who works for a certain company in Cupertino, who asks: “I read your posts on the impact of the chnages to Daylight Saving Time. What about Mac Office — is it OK with the new DST change?”

Glad you asked. 😉

News from the Mac team WRT Entourage 2004: it was updated in this week’s 11.3.3 release to support DST.  A brief note about this can be found on the MacBU public blog…

Today’s release of the 11.3.3 update delivers a significant change to Entourage’s time zone support, including support for the new DST dates. Prior to this fix, events in the month of March 2007 (starting 3/11) were off by an hour for the majority of US customers. I highly recommend customers update to this release of Entourage prior to the beginning of Daylight Savings observation in 2007. The update seamlessy ensures that your calendar is updated to reflect the new DST rules and improves overall time zone reliability.” 

As for other Mac Office applications and DST, I believe that current Mac Office applications should not be affected as they derive their date functionality from the OS.  In order to ensure that DST observations are correct, end users should update to the latest version of the Mac OS X (which I think is 10.4.6). More info as it is available. See

My thanks to the MacBU for the update.

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My Entourage 2004 is showing appointment one hour off. I applied 11.3.4 but still says 11.3.3. If I see the same appointments in windows/outlook thay have the correct time. Any ideas?

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