Friday Humour: Create your own holiday cards, or just go elf yourself

Create your own greeting cards

It’s still not to late… the US Postal Service will deliver Express Mail overnight!

The Office Online site has more tips on creating your own holiday and special occasion greeting cards

“Holidays and special occasions are the perfect excuse for getting crafty and creating your own greeting cards. Microsoft Office Online can help you in this endeavor with our many templates and deep assortment of clip art.”

The holiday clip art alone is worth the visit to Office Online. (“Try the egg nog… I’ll be here all week…”)

If you’re more like our family, you are moving to a more digital option across the board. Once again, as we have in recent years, we will create an electronic version of our holiday cards (with pictures of the kids) and email them to people with accounts (hardcopy for those who are technologically challenged). The we take the money we would have sent on holiday cards and we donate it to charity.

Or you can just go elf yourself, and put your own face on a dancing elf. See

My son, the elf

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