Ribbon, ribbon… Where did my favorite commands go?

As Richard posted today, no school in the Puget Sound area today. I’m thankful today for Outlook Web Access and Live Meeting today as it allows us to dial in for broad meetings that we’ve had on that schedule for months now.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programme…

The Office Help and How-to site has a section on using the new user interface in Microsoft Office 2007 and how it can help ease the way you work.

As we dogfooded Office 2007 this summer, the only thing I added to the quick action tool bar was “Save as…” given I needed to save docs in the Office 2003 format for those who hadn’t yet made the leap. I don’t bother with it any more: nice to see that I’m now receiving documents in Office 2007 format from some of the last teams to move. 😉

From the Office site:

Find familiar commands in the new Ribbon. Use our interactive guides to find your favorite commands in the 2007 programs and learn how to customize the toolbars and menus.


More information on…