Zune: What’s the “out of box experience” like?

The opening of the Zune.

I went through the “out of box experience” (“OOBE” as it’s called) tonight on a new retail Zune.

It was like opening an origami box, ‘though this one was made in China and used four pieces of adhesive tape as I counted. 

I was impressed by the packaging as I was the unit itself: opting for a matte black unit, it has a little more heft than my current music player, but certainly less than the Portable Media Center.

Zune01  Zune02  Zune03  Zune04

Zune05  Zune06  Zune07  Zune08

Zune09  Zune10  Zune11 Zune12

Now recharging, so my commute may be an all new and different experience.

Although machines at home are running Windows Vista, happy that I have one machine running in a dual-boot configurations with Windows XP Media Center and Service Pack 2, as “Windows Vista is not supported at this time.” (If your computer is running Windows XP, it must have Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed. Click here for information about Windows XP SP2. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PCs need to have Update Rollup 2 installed: click here for information about this update.)

Side note:  Interestingly, most retailers locally are sold out. So was when I checked today, where I was served an interesting video clip ad in the product listing, for the Apple iPod.

Added 111506: RE: USB on VPC: USB devices are not supported in VPC 2007. But it works fine in a dual boot system.

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