CNET Video: What do consumers think about the Zune?

Video:What do consumers think about the Zune? What do consumers think about the Zune?

How does the public perceive Microsoft’s Zune? CNET’s Erica Ogg talks to consumers at Best Buy in San Francisco about Microsoft’s newest digital audio player. (2 minutes)

And this coverage on Can Zune make Microsoft ‘cool’? CNET folks look at how the Zune stacks up technically.

Also see the special coverage on Zune at

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2 replies on “CNET Video: What do consumers think about the Zune?”

Weird, the video seemed sponsored by MS and still wasn’t completely positive. I found it odd about the brightness controls, since the iPod 5G and 5.5G has brightness controls. Also, the Zune screen and the iPod screen are both 320×240, which makes the zune lower res.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion (including CNET ;), but I appreciate their generally balanced assessment. Best thing to do is see the unit for yourself in the store.

On the screen resolution, they may be the same but I found that the larger screen provides an improved and clear viewing experience over smaller screens. I found that 320×240 looks fine on the 3" scree for SD recorded content from my Media Center, as well as the starter content on the Zune.

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