Who’s running Vista? Trek Bikes

Want to know some of the companies moving to Vista? Here’s a look at one well-known company, Trek Bikes. There’s a new case study now available, just posted on the Microsoft Case Studies site.  If you don’t know Trek, they are a major manufacturer and marketer of bikes and accessories with 1,800 employees worldwide. The company ships around a million bicycles each year. (Disclaimer: my 8-yr-old son has a Trek, and so does my wife: she’s been a Trek fan all her adult life). And now they’re an early pilot adopter of Windows Vista in their shop:

Trek Bicycle Corporation“Known for its innovation, Trek Bicycle Corporation stays aware of new products that can further its ongoing business-improvement efforts. Trek recently upgraded to Windows Vista to help support its goal of bringing products to market more quickly and securely. After a smooth deployment, both technical and business users have streamlined their workflows for greater productivity and enhanced agility—all within a more protected environment.

“The Windows XP operating system was a solid performer for us, but Windows Vista will be a tremendous upgrade,” says Douglas Kotulski, Network Services and Support Manager for Trek. “It has multiple enhanced user and security features that work really well in our environment.”

I’ll be interested to hear more details as Trek moves to deploy Vista RTM broadly in their offices.