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Fall is here in the PacNW. The nice thing is that the busses are running on time, and Windows Vista looks very solid. Here are a few articles from the reading file and ones I re-read during the commute this past week. These are all available for download, which makes it easy to view later on mobile devices and PCs.

Cingular: Giving Away the (Music) Store – The cell-phone carrier’s new mobile music strategy allows users to download songs to handsets at no charge—but players are a different story. by Steve Rosenbush November 3, 2006

Linux Linkup for Microsoft, Novell (BusinessWeek)
– “In a surprising development, Microsoft (MSFT) on Nov. 2 entered into a broad partnership with longtime rival Novell (NOVL) and agreed to provide some support to Linux, the open-source operating system that competes with its own Windows operating system.

Jeff Bezos’ Risky BetAmazon’s CEO wants to run your business with the technology behind his Web site. But Wall street wants him to mind the store. Nov 13, 2006

YouTube Finds Signing Rights Deals Complex, Frustrating – WSJ.comVideos of the hit rap song “Smack That” have been viewed more than half a million times on the popular Web site YouTube. That doesn’t include the countless amateur videos of young people lip-syncing to its infectious beat…

Motorola “Follow Me TV” DVR Set-top Solution Poised for Widespread Deployment through Cable Providers in 2007 On the heels of the shipment of its 50 millionth digital cable set-top box, Motorola went into demo mode in New York November 2 for its Follow Me TV.

Analysis: Web 2.0 Technologies (Network Computing) – Is one of the most hyped technologies in our industry too untamed for the enterprise? Web 2.0 technologies offer great promise, but they’re still immature and guaranteed to dramatically change your infrastructure in terms of monitoring, management, security

Analysis: Metro Wi-Fi – Wireless (Network Computing)“City governments are offering metro wireless services with speeds and latency that can’t be beat. We examine how metro Wi-Fi can fit into your mobile data access strategy.” Oct 5, 2006 – By Frank Bulk

Mobile Video: The Next Killer App (Network Computing)Mobile video technologies will be driven by consumer entertainment, but the technical advances required to make this happen will also pay dividends for enterprise users. Oct 5, 2006 – By Dave Molta

Gartner: Enterprises Should Update To IE 7 (TechWeb, Gartner) – Enterprises that have been thinking of dropping Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser should reconsider now that IE 7 is out, Gartner analysts said. By Gregg Keizer, TechWeb Technology News, October 26, 2006

AT&T unveils video home-monitoring service (ZDNet) AT&T, said on Thursday it would start to offer a monitoring service that would let U.S. customers use cell phones or computers to receive alerts or view a real-time video feed from their home. Published on ZDNet News: October 26, 2006

Microsoft Relaxes Vista License TermsResponding to a wave of criticism following news that the licensing terms in Windows Vista allowed the operating system to be moved to another computer only once, Microsoft has changed its position and relaxed the restriction for retail copies of Vista.

News from PC Magazine: Microsoft to Support Open-Source Linux with Novell Microsoft announced in a press conference on Thursday that the company has struck a deal with Novell Inc. to allow open-source Linux software to work compatibly with Windows. By Natali T. Del Conte, 11.02.06

Is Mac Growth In Business World Next For High-Flying Apple? (InformationWeek) Its popular iPod aside, Apple sold more Macs in the past quarter than ever before. The conditions are right for Mac to grow beyond its niche in business, and some say it’s already happening. By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek, Oct 19, 2006

Microsoft Expression Web Gives Dreamweaver A Run For Its Money (IW)Die-hard Dreamweaver fans aren’t likely to switch to Microsoft’s Expression Web, but some serious coders who aren’t wedded to the longtime market leader are finding a lot to like in the FrontPage replacement. Nov 3, 2006 – By Brian Livingston

FCC Endorses Broadband over Powerline (TechWeb)The Federal Communications Commission on Friday gave a big boost to Broadband over Powerline (BPL), classifying the technology as an “information service.” By W. David Gardner, TechWeb Technology News, November 03, 2006

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide – Technology News by TechWeb TW’s in-depth investigation into the top smartphone vendors’ strategies, plus a comparison of the hottest new models. By Elena Malykhina of InformationWeek, Oct 30, 2006 12:02

Autonomic Computing Special Report (Network Computing)Vision Vs. Reality: Five years ago, IBM’s Paul Horn articulated a new way of thinking about Information Technology. In this second article of our business innovation series, we examine how far the technology of autonomic computing has come.

Adobe’s big bet on flash (Fortune) Adobe’s strategy has kept the wind in its sails for over 15 years. By Oliver Ryan, September 22 2006

Fortune on Breakway brands 10 Breakaway brands: These companies – from eBay to Geico – cut down on hype and connected with customers, says Fortune’s Ellen McGirt. By Ellen McGirt, Fortune senior writer, September 8 2006

How I Work series: Macromanaging with an eye for detail Macromanaging at Martha Stewart Living: An interview with Susan Lyne, 56, President and CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. By Julie Schlosser, Fortune Magazine, September 13 2006 

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