Your questions: How do you compile your reading summaries?

WRT the reading summaries in the “articles I’ve read” posts (here, too), I was asked… 

“how do you compile these? Are you using a special tool? I’m looking for something that lets me just push a button every time I read an interesting article and save it to a log file where I can automatically create summaries like yours.”

Yes, I currently use to tag articles and stories.  I find it to be an easy way to quickly archive pages and stories of interest for later reference. I installed the buttons for Internet Explorer that allows me to “Tag This Page” I want to save. Along with sving the page, I add notes to the link by selecting text in the article prior to saving the page.

And since the items are listed in HTML on my webpage display, it’s easy to cut and paste entries from directly into my blog posts and emails, and access from my mobile browser. 

My goal is to use Windows Live Favorites, which allows you to “access, organize and discover favorites anywhere.” But it doesn’t yet (at least as I was unable to find) provide a simple HTML view of the content links and descriptions I’ve tagged, as available in

Of interest: CNET’s review of Windows Live Favorites

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Ah yes,

I notice that Onfolio (now included in Live Toolbar) does something similar, as does OneNote.  It would be nice to have the whole thing more automated, and available on a mobile phone too.

I’ll have to try Onfolio and see how it works with the Windows Live Toolbar. I hadn’t thought to use OneNote, as I don’t have it on all PCs, and files are not accessible on my mobile device. With OneNote Mobile for Smartphones and Pocket PCs (w/ Windows Mobile 5) announced as part of OneNote 2007, ths could be an option.

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