CNET review: T-Mobile Dash vs. Motorola Q

Email this afternoon on my Smartphone: “I am thinking about switching providers. Which of the new Smartphones should I get: the Dash of the Q?”

OK, last Dash post until we get one: we decided this weekend that this is the phone for my wife.

As noted previously, the new T-Mobile Dash Smartphone is now available, and is proving to be quite popular. Now CNET has a review comparison between the Motorola Q and the T-Mobile Dash

“When it first debuted, the Motorola Q was undoubtedly a knockout. The Windows Mobile device was sleek and sexy, unlike any other smart phone before it, and generally delivered on performance. However, when you’re sitting there at the top, there’s always going to be someone who wants to knock you down, and let’s just say the T-Mobile Dash is ready for a fight. This new kid on the block is throwing up some big claims, with its own slim design, productivity tools, and wireless options.”

The winner in the review? The T-Mobile Dash with 63 total points, and the Motorola Q close behind with 58. Unless you’re on the Verizon’s 3G EV-DO network, the Dash is a good choice. It really depends on the provider coverage in your area – they are both great phones. If you need a Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, these are pretty good choices, and a little slimmer than the popular Cingular 8125, the new and popular Palm Treo 700wx smartphone on Sprint’s network.

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