Problems accessing the Internet with Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor? Try this

Yesterday I recommended the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor in my post “How can I find out if my PC is compatible with Windows Vista?”

A reader commented that he having difficulty using the application, getting an error msg that he “didn’t have an internet connection and it can’t contact the web service.”

So I tried it out on my remaining PC at home that is not running Windows Vista (waiting for an updated driver) and the Upgrade Advisor (aka VUA) ran fine. Then I tried it on the kid’s PC, which runs Windows XP due to the number of old games running under Windows 9x… guess what? Upgrade Advisor failed to connect to the Internet.

Well, I spoke with the Upgrade Advisor team (thanks, guys) and they gave me the following advice: if you have problems connecting to the web service during the scan, please carry out the following steps:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer

  2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings

  3. Select option for “Proxy Server” and use address field: “itgproxy” with Port: 80

  4. Check option to “Bypass proxy server for local address”

  5. Click “OK” twice, and re-launch VUA to initiate the scan


4 replies on “Problems accessing the Internet with Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor? Try this”

I still can’t get this to work. The upgrade advisor will not use my standard IE proxy settings and go through my corporate proxy.

I have the same problem as Hank…I can’t get the advisor to work (internet connection problem), even though IE connects fine. My proxy is set correctly..

Months later and with Vista finally arrived as part of my Action Pack I decided to to try this again, I have had the same problems when running the VUA as listed here.

I get the same problem.

It seems there are a few of us but there’s no assistance for this that I’ve found on the Internet anywhere.

Come on Microsoft, help us out!

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