Just released: New T-Mobile Dash Smartphone

T-Mobile Dash SmartphoneMSNBC has a quick review quick review from Gary Krakow on T-Mobile’s new Dash phone, a slick smartphone Krakow calls a “slick, new design… best-of-breed for Windows Mobile devices.” It’s so new that the phone is not yet on the T-Mobile site or on their press page. (Update 101306: The T-Mobile Dash press release is now available here.)

Says Krakow:

“The phone performed every task I asked it to do without any problem — a big deal for today’s, feature-laden smartphones. I have yet to find a program that makes the Dash trip up or miss a beat.

“It has handled all my remote e-mail, Web browsing and even some photography and music-listening duty with aplomb. The Dash is one of the best smartphones I’ve tested to date and definitely the most enjoyable Windows Mobile phone I’ve used.

“But don’t take my word for it.  Over the course of the past two weeks every person who has seen me use the phone has asked if they could look, touch, feel and play with it. I have never seen a cell phone receive that kind of reaction before.”

Disclaimer: this is on my short list of new devices. My wife was looking at getting a new phone with a larger screen and a QWERTY keyboard over her current Smartphone, and this should fit the bill. Originally we were looking at upgrading to the Motorola Q, but that model isn’t compatible on on our network. 

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