What I’m reading: Misc articles

Here’s a collection of recent articles I’ve read (or re-read) recently. I’ll post additional lists as I go through my reading folder (a plastic envelope that I keep around for articles I tear out for future reference). Some are old and from the archives, articles I’ve kept for future reference.

PCMag’s review of the Optoma MovieTime DV10 

Larry Magid’s DIY: Create Your Own Podcasts, Build It: Be Your Own Broadcaster  

Jim Louderback’s DVD Flambé 

BusinessWeek’s A Search Engine For Every Subject – Google and Yahoo rule, but a flock of upstarts is offering new ways to find info

Rob Preston’s article on Down To Business: The Age Of The Control Freak

InformationWeek’s 5 Ways To Get Vista’s Security Now  Windows Vista is months away, and so is the additional security it’s promising. Or is it? Why wait when you can give Windows XP a taste of Vista’s User Account Control protection now?

BusinessWeek’s Putting A Collar On Investment Risk, By Adrienne Carter – February 20, 2006 – Options-based strategies can keep stock losses from getting out of line

TV, TV Everywhere – InformationWeek , August 25, 2006 – While editing this week’s personal tech story about all the ways you can get video on your mobile device, I was surprised. I knew mobile TV was moving forward by leaps and bounds, but I had no idea there were so many different options available right now.

The Experts’ Guide to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL – 2005-09-14 – some of the gems each has to offer, by Sarah Pike

Webcam Home Surveillance  – By Warren Ernst 
Video conferencing, video chat, and video mail could take off for real one day, but the most practical application for inexpensive webcams may be to turn them into surveillance systems that let you monitor your home or office when you can’t be there yourself. Also see Home Surveillance from Your Office Chair 

Upsample Your Images – By Galen Fott (2005-09-14) Here’s how to get better prints from low-resolution images.

PivotTable Magic – By Ben Z. Gottesman – Exploring complex Excel data is easier with a PivotTable. PCMag’s tips show you how.

Tempted by the Apple By Bill Howard. “The dark side lured me in. At, I clicked Buy Now, and a week after the product was announced, an iPod nano in Darth Vader black arrived. The decision wasn’t so much a previously unmanifested love for all things Apple as it was my recognition that the Windows side of the digital music player business continues to mess up so badly.”

Where I.T. Matters – In Baseline‘s fifth-anniversary issue, we look back over the last five or so years and examine 10 major industries to see how leading companies in each sector used information technology to boost not only themselves, but the entire market in which they do business. Also see 5 Most Important Technologies: Yesterday and Tomorrow, a look at the five technologies that had the biggest impact over the last five years, and the five that might have the biggest impact over the next five.

Can MTV Stay Cool? BusinessWeek’s By Tom Lowry looks at How CEO Judy McGrath must remake her TV empire for a digital world (February 20, 2006)

How we work  (09.07.2006) FORTUNE’s Corey Hajim visited entertainer Tony Bennett and his son, Danny, to find out how father and son work in harmony. Also see how BillG works in Bill Gates reboots  (07.13.2006).

The Real Reasons You’re Working So Hard… from BusinessWeek (subscription may be required) October 3, 2005. Also see Who’s Afraid Of Steve Jobs Now?, Less Could Be More At Microsoft, Managing Google’s Idea Factory (with Google’s Search for Simplicity as an online extra), Just How Innovative Is Google?

MySpace cowboys  (08.29.2006) Fortune looks at

Texas Instruments’ lunatic fringe (09.01.2006) Fortune’s look at how TI searches for and encourages all manner of lunatics and visionaries.

Baseline Mag’s The Smartest 100 Companies of 2006 (2006-04-07). Also see Baseline’s 50 Fastest-Growing Software Companies, ranking the business software companies with the biggest year-to-year growth finds that eight of the top 10 offer software as a service.

BusinessWeek on Counting Every Last Eyeball – (JULY 31, 2006) Jon Fine on how Nielsen’s new ad ratings will change the feel of television as we know it

Businessweek on Tech Toys for Today’s Kids – Christopher Palmeri reports on how toy companies can’t rely on old standbys anymore. Most children want playtime gadgets that light up, play music, and connect to the Web 

Forbes on Attack of the Blogs (subscription required, November 14, 2005) – FORTUNE Magazine reports on how blogs “destroy brands and wreck lives. Is there any way to fight back?

Fast Company on Six Sigma Stigma By Martin Kihn (2005-09-01). Ask Japanese carmaker about Six Sigma, and you’ll be speaking Greek to them.

Forbes on The Centenarian Diet (November 14, 2005). Also see Want To Live Forever on how researchers are unlocking the mysteries of aging, and 15 Ways To Live Longer

Twenty Years of Windows (2005-10-12) – Michael Miller from PCMag visited Microsoft’s headquarters “to talk with the team behind Windows—to get reflections on the key moments in its evolution, its position in the market today, and what lies in store for its future.” Also see the q&a with Bill Gates on Windows Past, Present, and Future 

Toyota’s Driving Force – Baseline reports on how Toyota has used business process management—powered by information technology—to eliminate waste, limit inventory buildup and continually improve production. The bottom line: Toyota is on track to become the world’s No. 1 automaker.

Keeping a Safe Distance from Microsoft by Lee Pender. ISVs need to stay close to Microsoft — but not too close. Here’s RCP’s article on how to be an effective partner without giving away too much.

Redmond Channel Partner Online | Feature: Strike It Rich: How Partners Can Tap Microsoft’s Upcoming Releases Now (2006/08/01)

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