Microsoft’s new hardware devices, for Vista

Not all the devices are featured on the corporate web site yet, but click here to see some of the new hardware and peripherals from the hardware group in the Entertainment & Devices division. This is in addition to the new cameras I mentioned previously, the LifeCam VX-3000 and the LifeCam VX-6000. (The features page on the new cameras is here.) The new products include a new Windows Start menu button and other dedicated buttons linked to Windows Live Search, Messenger and Vista Gadgets.

See this story from APC Magazine in Oz on the new hardware devices, including the the Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 (which is already listed on Amazon Germany) and Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboards…

Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000

 the Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse


… the new LifeCam NX-6000

LifeCam NX-6000

…the new LifeChat headsets, including the LifeChat LX-3000 and  wireless LifeChat ZX-6000

LifeChat LX-3000  LifeChat ZX-6000

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4 replies on “Microsoft’s new hardware devices, for Vista”

Do you know if any of the webcams that microsoft sells, has a driver for Windows Vista ? I have a LifeCam 3000, and has stopped working on Vista Beta…

Any ideas on where to get support for the lifechat X-3000, which has the best microphone I have found so far for voice recognition, but the sound is phenomenally distorted.

I can’t find any support at the microsoft site…


Warren Smith

[email address deleted]

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