Huh? Mary Jo Foley quotes corporate user: “Vista will NEVER run on a $1000 PC”

Mary Jo Foley has an article on eweek today

“I think Microsoft may have a tougher time making the business upgrade case than the home one for Vista. Here’s why. One enterprise user, who asked not to be named, recently posed an interesting question to me (via instant messaging), regarding how Microsoft is expecting to make a business case for Vista.

MR. Biz: how are they going to make a business case for Vista?
MJF: that’s a good question…. I’m not really sure
MR. Biz: no matter how much tweaking MS does, it’s still not going to solve the resource requirements issue
MR. Biz: vista will NEVER run on a $1000 PC


One of our family members just priced a new laptop with a decent processor, >100GB HDD, memory configuration and graphics system that is touted as “Windows Vista Capable” for under $800. (OK, the price included a special $200 “coupon” promoted on the company’s web site.) When I looked today on a couple of major build to order OEM sites, I found “Windows Vista Capable” desktops starting at around $499: that took all of a few minutes to find as they systems are pre-configured.

At home, I have a system I built for, I’m guessing, under $400 that will run Vista.

IMHO, where’s the moderating comment from Mary Jo that calls this out? (All comments on the blog are my own.)

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I think Vista is suffering from bad publicity in the media about huge resouce requirements, and bad publicity spreads more than good publicity so go figure.

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