InfoWorld: “Microsoft playing catch-up on Webifying everything”

In InfoWorld Daily today there’s a TechWatch post from Mike Barton (in TechWatch) on the Windows Live QnA service, and more on “a hard look into whether Windows Live is the real deal or not.”

Included is a link to Oliver Rist’s artycle on Windows Live, “What the heck is Windows Live, anyway?” in which he says…

“The here and now [with Windows Live] — for businesses, anyway — is a nice set of security and diagnostic tools and a very competitive Web and e-mail hosting service.”

But as a consumer, I’ll add that in addition to sometimes using the various Live services in Beta, I regularly use Live Search (‘though I like Addy Santo’s MSN Search vs. Google page), as my home page, Live Mail (as my Hotmail accounts have been updated), Live Local (see this post), and Live Messenger.

From the post today…

“OK, so it is Microsoft playing catch-up on Webifying everything. Too bad Google gets all the glory in this PR-centric world. The ex-MS PR hack Robert Scoble makes some points in A Google Vs. Microsoft Double Standard?, noting Google’s edge with Web-centric bloggers following its media home run with news of its short-on-beef Office rival package yesterday.”

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One reply on “InfoWorld: “Microsoft playing catch-up on Webifying everything””

Microsoft needs to leap ahead google in web based (& win apps)…dont try to go behind them…Let Microsoft be FIRST always..(They buggy people introduced online spreadsheet)..but microsoft CAN & SHUD do some alternate ways to attract people by creating a web based which can be a Word Express(alike vb express,c# express) via web…And remember that you are GREAT people with GREAT ideas,so leap ahead..

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