Peter Cullen on balancing Internet privacy with safety

Today the Seattle PI Seattle PI Newspaper has an article that includes a few words of wisdon from our own Peter Cullen, our Chief Privacy Strategist. The article provides some insight from a recent lunch in Seattle where people gathered to hear feedback from a few industry execs and luminaries on questions of how we can protect our privacy on the Internet, and the government’s role in protecting privacy.

“The forum was “a great crucible, because too often, the technology industry talks to itself in unfathomable language, policymakers don’t understand the technology, and citizens switch off because to them it’s all just a lot of noise,” said Jerry Fishenden, Microsoft’s national technology officer for the United Kingdom.”

I have the pleasure of working with Peter and his team on issues that affect the satisfaction of our customers and partners, and he is one sharp Canuck. From the article:

“More now than ever before, Internet users face the loss of personal data to wrongdoers, which Microsoft’s Cullen said the company is working to prevent along with government and privacy advocacy groups.

“These are enormous challenges,” he said.”

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