For fun: Blue Angels over Lake Washington today

There’s something about some high-powered aircraft buzzing a couple of hundred feet over your house, followed by an amazing boom. The Navy’s Blue Angels performed (click for pic) this weekend for Seafair and the show was great. We took our boys to see them live down at the local beach and then saw the show this afternoon on TV.

Just awesome.

(The offical site for the Angels is here.)

Added 080706: You can also find royalty-free, hi-res photos of the Blue Angels on the Navy’s Photo Site… one example of the Blue Angels in formation is here.

One reply on “For fun: Blue Angels over Lake Washington today”

When they flew over our appartment, it as four of them in formation. It was LOUD. So loud and noisy in fact, after they flew over, I heard a bunch of car alarms going off. Yeah, that made me laugh pretty hard.

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