Managing podcasts: Marc Mercuri’s InfoCenter

Microsoft Watch has an article today on Marc Mercuri’s information-aggregator, Information Center, or InfoCenter.  As noted on Marc’s blog, if you haven’t heard of InfoCenter, then it’s worth checking out

From Microsoft Watch:

“Carl Franklin, the CEO of Pwop Productions, who has had a chance to see the product, described InfoCenter as “an RSS aggregator/podcast-enclosure downloader on steroids.”

“Mercuri showed off a prototype of InfoCenter to a handful of individuals at Microsoft’s TechEd conference in June. In July, he unveiled InfoCenter to a broader group, via the “.Net Rocks” radio show. Mercuri is expecting to release for download the latest InfoCenter bits, complete with a newly redesigned interface, around August 9.”

Anything that makes it easier to track and manage podcasts is super, so August 9th can’t come soon enoug. As I was discussing with Richard Sprague yesterday, there’s just way too much to manage these days around mail, blogs, podcasts and websites.

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