OfficeLive team is Live & Responding

I’ve been impressed as an employee and a beta tester of the Microsoft OfficeLive Beta how the team has been active in responding to user comments and suggestions on teh site. Sure, there are some late responses, but I have been impressed hearing how the team has aggregated the feedback to date and is responding to the community.

Today I noticed a new post from the OfficeLive team entitled “We hear you!” on the Live Board from Filiberto:

“We care about our customers, and for many of us the real fun in this job is the opportunity to have a (as such is our intention) positive impact in people‚Äôs lives; thus we really want to know how it is working (or not) for you. Many of us participate by posting in these boards and many more simply read them; your post and comments are sent around on internal mails and used as part of scenarios and arguments to make product decisions. We also have a process to make sure we are thorough in taking in the feedback received through these boards and other channels (i.e. the feedback link you can find at the bottom of all Office Live pages) and we are incorporating other sources of feedback to that same process to make sure all get treated in the same way.”

You’ll see from many postings that employees read and resopnd to many items at all hours, as was Filiberto’s note (posted at 2am no less). This is a team that is passionate about the customer experience. I believe that they will be able to turn around new features and changes in the beta as quickly as the dynamic nature of an online product offering allow.

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