“So why the link to preparing for a pandemic?”

I received an email: “I like reading your blog. So why the link to preparing for a pandemic?” They’re referring to the link I have to “Preparing for Pandemic Flu” in the left-hand nav, which connects to the King County Pandemic Flu Preparedness site.

I’m generally concerned about people’s well being and I try to help wherever I can. As this is about satisfaction — which goes to all parts of the interaction we have with our customers and partners — passing along beneficial information is one way to make a positive impact. So I include the link.

pandemic is a world-wide epidemic, and it’s not just about Bird Flu. The Wiki has a number of notes on pandemics and notable epidemics through history. So just as you use the web to stay informed, stay informed on this, too. The following is courtesy of the above web site: 

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