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This week marks the end of a very busy month or so, which started with a number of big annual project reviews, our worldwide internal event on improving customer & partner satisfaction, and then this week we are in the midst of our Engineering Excellence and Trustworthy Computing Forum, as noted in blogs this week and as others have blogged about in the past. The Forum (as it’s affectionately known) is an internal event where we share best practices and network across the product groups. (As an FYI, a little more insight on Engineering Excellence can be found in this issue of MS Watch.) 

This year, summer can not come fast enough. But enough about me.

As we near the end of the school year (which coincides with our fiscal year end), my son recently decided to start his first web-based business (following his successful and profitable weekend lemonade stand of a few weeks ago). This is all an effort to fund his college tuition… or rather if he has his way, pay for a few new Xbox 360 games. Being the good kid that he is, he started off using MS products to launch a fancy web site on the Office Live beta site. A very cool first start, and much more advanced (and certainly easier) than when we put up our first personal web sites and weblogs in the mid 90s.

While looking for help on line, it was nice to find the Office Live Community sites. I found the following message from Filiberto Selvas, who has been quite active on the boards answering user questions and providing feedback (as several employees do):

“To all: as you can see we began this community space with only 2 forums; as necessary we will create new ones to have more granular/focused conversations.

“For now the only division we have established is that one is for support questions (…

“the other one is for feedback ( Let me know (through this forums or our blog if you think we need more and what for.”

In addition to the Office Live Blog, this is good stuff, and a very good beta effort in Office Live. One of the latest entries on “Customer Questions Answered” is very helpful.

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