Office Tips & Tricks, Microsoft Office 2007 First Look Webcast coming up

I really like the information provided on Office Online, and the Office Tips & Tricks site is no exception.

“…you’ll always find the latest and most helpful pointers for the Microsoft Office programs you use every day. Need help with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003? Shortcuts in Microsoft Office Word 2003? Whether it’s powering through your Inbox or breezing through complex spreadsheets, you’ll find easy-to-learn ways to save time.”

Tips & Tricks - Get More out of Microsoft Office

And there are a number of archived and (upcoming) live webcasts available on-demand. Coming up next week (June 8th): A First Look at Microsoft Office 2007.

And as noted previously, you can try out the 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 release for testing and planning purposes. (You can download it or request a DVD while supplies last.) You can submit comments, ask questions, share information, or exchange ideas in the Microsoft Office Discussion Groups.

The O2K7 beta release contains all the functionality of the regular release, but is not the final product. After I back up my PC in my home office this weekend, I’ll be installing it at home. At work, I’m using it on my Windows Vista PC which sits along side my standard Toshiba Windows XP Pro Tablet PC with Office 2K3, and I’ve found that Outlook 2007 provides a great customer experience.

For example, there’s nothing more frustratinbg in Outlook 2K3 when the application runs into an error and has to be restarted just as you’ve finished typing a mail. In Outlook 2007 beta 2, I ran into a memory problem (I’m upgrading my 512MB machine to 1GB for running the beta) and the email I was working on vanished. A moment later, Outlook restarted and there was the email in its entirety — and I hadn’t saved the mail as a draft. Very nice recovery. 

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