Microsoft Product Feedback Links

I was asked the pther day about the number of different Microsoft sites that are available for providing product feedback, bug reports and suggestions. Laurentiu Cristofor notes in his blog a few of the most popular sites, including:

In addition, here are a few more product feedback sites: – Microsoft Connect, the new product development collaboration site at Microsoft. And a sneak peek at the new Connect 2.0

Send a Smile

The article on “Finding Trends in Customer Feedback” by Suzanne Ross. “Have you ever sent an email to Microsoft, asking a question, suggesting a new feature, telling them about how you use their products? Millions of people read Microsoft Web sites every day, and many of them send emails. Do you wonder if anyone reads those emails?”
MSN Product Feedback

MSN Search Feedback

Microsoft Macintosh Product Feedback (on Mactopia) –

Mary Jo Foley’s article on how “Microsoft Rethinks the Beta Process”

“If Paul Flessner and his SQL Server team have their way, traditional beta releases may soon be a thing of the past. And they aren’t the only Softies who are pushing to overhaul the way Microsoft builds software to more closely emulate the open source process.”

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