No news is good news: Windows Defender

A quick note: usually when you get an alert in the Toolbar, you worry.

This morning, an icon in the toolbar with an exclamation point boldly staring at me was a warning. Imagine my surprise when Windows Defender popped up and noted that there were no problems detected with my PC.

I like this feature: unlike the television network news, all news these days isn’t bad news.

See for more details.

4 replies on “No news is good news: Windows Defender”

Because having more things with an "Every thing’s OK Alarm" is a good thing.

You know you bring up a point. Is there anyway to shut this off? More and more I am growing tired of windows XP and notifications. Ok so I am sitting there working writing code and thinking. I have MSN up and running. I have defender up and running. Messenger pops up everytime one of the 200 co workers sign on and off. XP keep popping up and telling me I have unused icons on my desktop. Outlook is popping up telling me I have new mail. Defender is coming up telling me everything is ok. IE 7 ballons gallore telling me all kind of things about the websites I am visiting. How the heck you ever click on anything in the lower left corner of your screen without accidentally clicking on some balloon anymore is beyond me.

Seriously though that would be how bad it would be if I didn’t go in and shut all those notices off. The worst ones are the OS ones you have to use registry hacks to turn them off. I have 10 icons on my desktop who cares if I haven’t used one of two of them in a while. You get them all shut off and along comes a windows update that turns them all back on which recently happened. Where does the insanity of pop ups end. What ever happened to the good old days where you could just sit down and do some work uninterupted. I have yet to figure out how to shut off all the defender pop ups. What I really want out a defender program or a browser or an OS is to defend me keep me safe but leave me the heck alone don’t bother me with the details. If I want details I will go looking for them.

It’s a wast of time for the people who know wat they doing seriously it’s to basic not good enough to protect your pc it’s ok to have as a secondry spyware detector but even then it’s not ging to find any thing iv got lots of exparence with protecting your pc iv spent weeks trying to get the bets free program defences, spybot s&d is good not the best it is the way to go if you are looking for a free spyware program

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