Survey says… PC Competitors: Digital Video Recorders and Game Consoles

Today CNN reported in an e3 preview that Ipsos (major research firm) found that of the Americans who play computers or console video games, 45 percent of them play games online.

So, what is that… 1.8 people out of 10?

From Ipsos:

“Today, the personal computer remains the dominant hardware platform consumers rely on to access the Internet in the U.S., and has been instrumental in launching the age of digital media into mainstream America. However, as the entertainment industry prepares for the growing interest in digital video and gaming services to complement digital music, recent research conducted by Ipsos Insight shows that some more avid media consumers prefer other hardware platforms to explore this next stage of the digital entertainment evolution. In related research, the company also found that Americans don’t have a huge appetite for replacing old entertainment options with new ones. Watching movies and TV content on the PC or portable devices is not exciting to mainstream America yet.”

Other insights from Ipsos’ survey on Tomorrow’s “Digital Den”:

  • Most Americans today (88%) use some form of device that can display and/or deliver digital entertainment content.

  • Among this 88% majority of ‘digital platform’ users, three in five (61%) prefer their broadband-equipped PC for digital entertainment purposes.

  • among those who regularly use a DVR, preference for the DVR (37%) is on par with the broadband-enabled PC (39%).

All interesting reading.

Also see my past entry on the anticipated rise in DVR and content subscriptions.

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