Friday Link: How the customer is always right… unless they’re not

For Friday reading: Seth Godin writes this week about the unwritten rule 3 on Stew Leonard’s famous granite rock:

“If the customer is wrong, they’re not your customer any more.”

This is going in a review deck I’m working on for next week.

I agree that when you treat a customer like they’re wrong, they’ll walk away from your product and tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends… you get the picture. You only have so many chances to help a customer out, and turn around their perceptions. And if you don’t, you risk alienating them.

Seth is worth reading regularly.











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4 replies on “Friday Link: How the customer is always right… unless they’re not”

I find your comment interesting, and because of an experience I had this week (see my blog with the post, “It’s OK to say, ‘Oh, screw it!'”). I didn’t think about how the customer would feel if you were always telling them that they were wrong. I took a different approach. Interesting perspective.

Thanks for your comment — I read the post on your site. Seth is one of those people, I’ve found, that has the uncanny ability to blog about timely, relevant topics.

I’ve worked with people who’ve been on the clock with customers, and I remember a discussion with a friend who is a high-priced consultant with a big-name firm. She said of working with a large multinational media and television broadcasting/production company that “as long as my client is happy with the level of service and ideas I bring to them, I’ll do the job and stick it out even if it’s painful. Chances are that I walk away from something I can’t stand, it could affect all the other jobs we have with the client.”

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