Fotune: on Ozzie and “Microsoft’s new brain”

OK, one more: this week, Fortune arrived at home with an article on “Microsoft’s new brain” on how Ray Ozzie is making an impression on the company.

The interesting thing is that this comes at a time when we’re seeing incredible innovation in products and services come from so many different parts of the company through 2006 and into next year.

IMHO… this doesn’t come from one person or a single team: it comes from the so many places that teams mapped out prior to Ozzie’s arrival, which he and othger top managers have helped codify across the various players and product groups. And it comes from the additional horsepower upstairs and the excellent management instilled across the three divisions. This and many more things happening at many different levels has helped the company kick a much better “better together” strategy into gear.

This from the same issue where Fortune cover states that the boom in the Internet is back. I didn’t know it was gone…just steadily increasing faster than ever. Case in point:

“Driving this transformation is the extraordinary growth in the number of people with access to high-speed Internet connections. In 2000 just five million Americans had fast Internet access at home. At the end of 2005 that figure was 73 million, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.”

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