Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview now available

As noted on the IE Blog today and across the web, the Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview for Windows XP SP2 is available today. There are a number of new features – I’ve already made use of the phishing filter. In addition to RSS support and tabs, I’ve found that shrink to fit for printing is helpful as it automatically resizes the page, keeping all of the text in the printed page. I also like the ability to preview a page or multiple pages in a single window.

And for my kids, beta 2 is holding up to some demanding customers. The ability to quickly zoom into a page is super helpful: they jump from site to site on the family computer, visiting a number of kid-friendly web sites with game content that looks better when you zoom in. I look forward to when in parental control settings are available as part of Windows Vista: until then, we’ll see how hard the kids can thrash beta 2.

As with all beta software, it’s a good idea to create a restore point on your computer and back up any important documents.

You can take a quick tour quick tour of IE7 on the Microsoft website.